Journey of Hope

Cristina's Coffee House was held March 3, 2013 at the Caruso Club, in honour and memory of Cristina Roque. She was a vibrant young woman who thorough her cancer journey travelled many miles back and forth to the Ottawa General Hospital for treatment and a Stem Cell transplant. Cristina spent months on 5 West BMT floor of the Ottawa General Hospital. Shortly before she passed away she discussed with her mother, Fran Roque, that it would be a great idea to fundraise and have a TV installed in each of the 20 patient rooms. 

Cristina had an idea, Fran had a plan. The rest is now a reality that will continue to impact the lives of patients in 5 West. For everyone who came or donated to the coffeehouse, we are so thankful. Paying it forward - she would have it no other way. 

A TV in every room means that each patient who comes in has one of their own. Which means much more to them than some people realize. Not everyone's stay in the unit is short lived, and when people are undergoing serious treatment finding the energy to read a book isn't possible. Having a TV gives patients and families a way to spend the time. Cristina was so fortunate to have support from her family and friends, but so many patients spend their time there all alone and the TVs provide good company. The TV's also have ports on them so doctors can plug a USB drive in and show patients their X-rays, and test results.

The Cristina's Coffee House committee was able to present the Ottawa Hospital Foundation 5 West TV Fund with a cheque for $3.585.00. It could not have been possible without the generosity of our great community. So thank you Sudbury for paying it forward.

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