Supporting Families in Need

September, 2013

Support all the other families who are still spinning their wheels to transport themselves and their loved ones to cancer treatments across our province. 

Although the Canadian Cancer Society and its wonderful volunteers will help patients locally, there is not a lot of support out there for families that have to travel out of town to get the care they need. For Cristina and the Roque family, this meant countless hours of driving Hwy 17 in the family van with one very sick lady in the back who wanted to be going anywhere but where she was. This meant many hours of work missed over the course of 4 years of treatment, and applications for Northern Health Travel Grants. Not all families are able to do this, and we plan to help. Cristina showed us that each individual person can make a difference in the life of countless others.

Funds raised will support The Northern Cancer Foundation, which helps other families in need of assistance during their travels caused by cancer. 


Please Choose Cristina Care Fund - Supportive Care while selecting the Fund you wish to support. Thank you!

Donations to the Northern Cancer Foundation are also accepted anytime by calling the NCF office at 705-523-HOPE (4673)

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