Cristina's Coffee House 2015 - $12,821 Raised


March 1st, we hosted Cristina's Coffehouse 2015. It was a great night of live music, dancing and treats to help raise money in memory of Cristina.

We couldn't be more pleased with the event last night! We raised $12,821.00 for The Cristina Care Fund - NCF! A huge thank you to all our friends and family who came out to support the cause, to the volunteers, and to the talented artists who donated their time and kept our guests entertained! The donations are still coming in even after the fact. The committee thanks you from the bottom of our hearts! Entertainment Sound & Lighting, Unforgettable Weddings - "Your Event Decorators", Jae Moon, Eric Plangger, Jamie Dupuis, Jean-Paul Gignac, Ben Wardo, Don Kunto and the rest of the boys from SNOWTOWN REVIVAL, Mike Charette, Will Himsl, Happiness is Dancing, Extreme Dance Studio, Amanda Tessier, Lori Cacciotti, Keiran Geverding, Chris Gray, Sabrina Wilson.

Cristina's Coffee House Highlights - March 1st 2015 (Video)

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